East Coast vs North Coast – Zanzibar

East Coast vs North Coast – Zanzibar

Zanzibar is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Zanzibar is not an island it is an archipelago and the main island which the locals call Unguja is normally referred to as Zanzibar.

There are many reasons for Zanzibar being a top tourist destination, but the main reason is the wonderful beaches that you find here.

You will find beaches both in the North Coast and the East Coast and the most common question that people ask is whether to go to the North Coast or the East Coast to have a great time.

East Coast:

The East Coast of Zanzibar is home to some pristine beaches with white sands. The beauty of the East Coast cannot be matched by the North Coast.

There are many places you can visit on the East Coast such as, Pongwe, Michamvi Peninsula, Paje and Jambiani. These are the top spots in the East Coast and people keep coming back for more here. The corals and the snorkelling spots around the East Coast are also a major draw.

Pongwe is renowned for being a tropical paradise with wonderful palm trees dotting the landscape. There are many food stalls here and you can taste some wonderful food.

Michamvi Peninsula is home to wonderful places to stay such as the Kichanga Lodge and Dongwe Ocean View. The white sandy beaches are a dream. It is a great place to enjoy with your family. The renowned Rock restaurant is also nearby, and you can have some sumptuous food there.

Paje is a place that is famous for kite surfing. If you are a kite surfing aficionado then you should visit Paje, you will surely love it. The wind and ocean around Paje is considered ideal for this sport. Apart from kite surfing you can also do some snorkelling and diving while here, there are many places around the beach that will help you with the necessary equipment.

Jambiani is also in the East Coast and is dotted with many hotels and resorts. The night life is great and you will enjoy your time here.

North Coast:

There are many places in the North Coast which tourists frequent such as Nungwi, Kendwa and Mnemba Island. Both the places are great and there are many locations for snorkelling, swimming and staying. The north coast tends to have the big beach parties, many public bars with activity and music.

Another place is Matemwe beach which quite popular. The food is also great in the whole of Zanzibar and not just the North or the East.

The traditional food along with a mix of Indian and African flavours is a delight to eat. However, it is generally believed that the North Coast is not a match for the East Coast.

The whole of Zanzibar archipelago is wonderful and adventurers and travellers can have a great time here but when a person stays in the East Coast and enjoys the wonderful views of the mighty Indian Ocean and explores the underwater treasures, that person becomes a fan for life and almost always tends to return to the same place to enjoy much more.


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