Zanzibar Tourism

Zanzibar Tourism-Things Needed To Carry On a Solo Trip To Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a combination of beautiful beaches, a vibrant night market, an old culture and way of life, the fragrance of spices, and the warmth of people. When you’re making a solo trip to Zanzibar, make sure you carry the following items with you. Before we go further, remember that while Zanzibar is pretty cool, majority of its population is Muslim and religious. Be mindful of the country and its ways; this way you’ll enjoy a great holiday.

  1. A swimsuit- even a bikini is fine, or a pair of shorts and t shirt. Going topless is not an option for women. A swimsuit is imperative because Zanzibar has such a beautiful coastline and swimming, snorkeling, diving and exploring the underwater world are all great ways to spend time.

  2. Modest clothing- when you’re not on the beach, make sure that your clothes cover your shoulders, midriff, thighs and your knees. Long skirts are great, a scarf is good to both cover your hair and protect you from the heat or the coolness of the place. Cotton is a good material to use, it’s light and breathable. Consider a jumpsuit that you can wear both at night and in the day. A pair of shorts or two take up less space and are easy to wash and wear. A beach robe or tunic is a good idea too- it works if you wander around in town and then head back to the beach again.

  3. Accessories- a hat, sunglasses, comfortable footwear- there’s a lot to explore in Zanzibar and good footwear is a must. Consider hiking boots- they are versatile and can take you far. You might want to carry a pair of casual slippers for the beach and a pair of dressy shoes or sandals for a night on the town. For a fun time at the beach, carry your supplies in a beach bag and make sure it has sunscreen in it too. If you’re a photography enthusiast, carry an underwater camera to store all your memories for posterity. A knapsack is handy because you can carry your dirty clothes in it as well!

  4. A medicine kit- whenever you’re travelling, carry your personalized medicine kit. It should consist of your regular medicine and others for fever, cold, insect bite, sunburn, stomach ailments, mosquito repellant etc. Hand sanitizer is useful, as are anti-bacterial wipes. Carry it with you on your holiday to enjoy the most of your time there. Malaria prevention pills are a smart idea too.

  5. Valid documents- documentation, travel papers, and permits are necessary. Make multiple copies and carry one set with you at all times. Enough money is important too, if you want to have all the experiences Zanzibar is famous for.

  6. Large luggage- Zanzibar is famous for its spices and traditional crafts. Carrying a larger than needed suitcase is necessary if you want to carry back spices and souvenirs. Fragrant pepper, vanilla, among other spices are sure to brighten up everyone’s day and dishes.

Pack sensibly and respect the country you’re going to.