Top Family-Friendly Activities in Zanzibar

Top Family-Friendly Activities in Zanzibar

If you’re searching for top family-friendly activities to occupy you while on a visit to this incredibly bewitching island, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a chance to spoil yourself on the island’s pristine beaches with sky-blue waters, delve yourself into the island’s mysterious history and study some of its buildings decor and architecture like the House of Wonders and Old Harbor that date back to the 15th century. And if that’s not enough, sample some of the island’s fantastic Swahili recipes that draw massive food enthusiasts from all over the world. So whatever your passion, here are 6 top family-friendly activities in Zanzibar:

1. Take a tour of Stone Town

The buzz and hype that greets you the moment you step into Stone Town, the central city in Zanzibar, is like no other on this East African coastline. Whether it’s a ride on the mesmerizing and not for the feint-hearted Dala Dala taxis, a food tasting expedition on its myriad restaurants or a dip into the Ocean, Stone Town has everyone covered.

You can visit the old slave market, walk through the narrow lanes that reek of an exotic mix of spices and perfumes or venture into the many open-air markets where vendors shout themselves hoarse selling anything from Saudi Arabia to South Africa. And when hunger pangs visit, you can rush to Forodhani Gardens for a wide selection of menus from grilled octopus, Zanzibar Pizza to Chapati Pilau.

2. Visit Dongwe Ocean View for water sports

If you’re a fan of kite-surfing, deep sea diving, snorkelling or beach volleyball, then head to the fantastic Dongwe area on the East coast for kite-boarding, diving, snorkelling, boat trips, beach volley-ball, kayaks and sailing.

3. Sail on a Dhow

Hop into a Swahili dhow with your family and venture out into the expansive ocean and tour the fantastic coral reefs that straddle the coastal area. Listen as the boat owner issues a lengthy diatribe possibly in Swahili about the history of Zanzibar, the monsoon wind climate and the best spots to watch sea creatures.

4. Visit Prison Island

Take a tour of Prison Island and mingle with giant tortoises that call the island home. If you’re traveling with small children, then tortoises are a must-see. The island is a protected area so make sure to listen to your guide carefully especially not to feed the tortoises or to play loud music that may frighten them.

5. Tour spice plantations

Take a tour of the spice plantations in an air-conditioned van and see the large rural villages and learn how cloves are cultivated. This trip should form an essential part of your itinerary as it opens up a part of the island few visitors manage to see. Apart from learning about Zanzibar culture first-hand, you’ll also get a chance to sample traditional Swahili dishes such as pilau and biryani.

6. Visit Jozani forest

Take a tour of Jozani forest for a well-deserved escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy watching the many species of birds and a variety of wildlife including the red colobus monkey.


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