Outdoor Activities At Kichanga Lodge

Best Outdoor Activities Around Kichanga Lodge

Kichanga lodge offers the beauty of unspoiled beaches with a personalized touch. It is located in Michamvi area on the East coast of Zanzibar. If you think of Kichanga lodge, you probably picture the hotel placed as an excellent set in the tropical garden. The lodge position is above a white sandy core backed by palm trees. Excellent accommodation is offered in the guest rooms with a wide range of fun indoor and outdoor activities. Some of the best outdoor activities around Kichanga lodge include the following:

Walking on the Beaches

When it comes to outdoor adventures on Kichanga beach, try walking. The white sand beaches are the place to go. Try hiking by exploring the endless beaches and stunning ocean view. You can either walk with a group of friends or stroll alone. You may go for a walk barefoot to experience the beautiful coastal waters. There are a variety of walking trails, which will leave you with great memories. Walk as you take the magnificent views of the ocean and the sights of the hillside that is nearby.

Snorkeling Activities

If you want to engage in snorkeling activities, then Kichanga Beach is one of the best. The colorful reefs await you right near the lodge. You can view a variety of non-sting jellyfish, whales, reef fish, and other beautiful, harmless sea animals. One of the best snorkeling sites on the island is Paje beach, a short distance to the south coast.

Scuba Diving

Diving is one of the significant activities close to the hotel. The reefs alongside are great dive spots for both learners and accomplished divers. It is possible to make day trips from Kichanga lodge to the high rated diving sites on the South West coast.

Kite Surfing

For a memorable experience, kite surfing is one of the activities you should engage in here. Using controlled power kites to ensure your safety, you will experience different styles of kiteboarding including course racing, wake style, free ride, and big air. Although there is no kitesurfing, in the immediate vicinity, there are some excellent locations to the south. Paje beach nearby is a famous kite surfing destination.

Sunset Cruise

An exciting cruise watching the sunset as you enjoy a glass of beer, wine, and champagne is something you should experience. Relax as you enjoy the breath-taking sunset along the coast. For the couples, this is one of the most romantic experiences as you sit back and enjoy the cruise with your loved one. As you watch the sinking sun paint the skyline with beautiful orange colors, you will feel one with the Universe. The biggest treat you can give yourself is a trip on a dhow. You will enjoy feeling the sea breeze on your face.

Beach Volleyball

One of the vigorous water activities is playing volleyball on the beach. Enjoy rocking tunes on the beach with a team of players. Also, you have an excellent opportunity to make new friends.

If you love the ocean and you want to relax, Kichanga lodge is the best place for you. Taking long walks on the beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving, and the great sunset cruise. The hotel offers excursions thus leaving you spoilt for choices. When in Zanzibar, check in at Kichanga lodge for a great experience.

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