Zanzibar Beach Activities

Top 5 beach activities to do in Zanzibar

It’s obvious why Zanzibar is always hanging around at the top of the most popular holiday destinations in Africa. Blessed with long pristine and palm-fringed beaches, blue skies, bright sunshine, unspoilt coastal villages and luxury oceanfront resorts, Zanzibar holidays are simply amazing. The main attraction in this island is not just the sheer number of beaches it has but the sensational and fun activities you can indulge in. Let’s take a look at the top beach activities to do in Zanzibar.

Beach sports

Zanzibar Island is the place to be if you love the sand, sun and sea. With many stretches of scenic beaches and miles of powdery white sand, an island is a perfect place for you to indulge in some fun activities.  You can enjoy beach sports with your family and friends – a great opportunity to bond and have fun during the holiday. The popular beach sports include football, tennis and volleyball. Many waterfront resorts such as Dongwe Ocean View and Kichanga Lodge provide some sport facilities for their guests. Beach games are a favourite pastime in Zanzibar and the locals always look out for the opportunity to engage willing tourists. Game time is always a fun time on the Zanzibari beaches!


The crystal clear turquoise blue depths of the Zanzibar beaches are awesome choices to just swim around. Most beach resorts like the Kichanga Lodge have dedicated pools, showers and other facilities for a great swimming experience. You can also explore the colourful coral reefs teeming with species of tropical fishes. You can also snorkel from the beach or walk through the calm waters.

Beach Bar

Get treated to exotic local drink flavours and cocktails with your feet buried in the cool white sands. Old, abandoned dhow boats are the locations for freshly served traditional beers and tropical cocktails with the added pleasures of complimentary tea and coffee. The beach bars are favourite hangout spots and often times, this goes hand in hand with some music to soothe the soul.

Kite Surfing

This surface water and wave-riding sport is a favourite past time on Zanzibar beaches. Lose yourself and have a refreshing experience surfing along the stunning shoreline. Steady and often gentle breezes make Zanzibar an ideal place to try for the first time. Tidal movements can create strong currents, so first-timers may want to slow down and kite-surf with experienced surfers. The beach is always colourful and filled with people kite-surfing or participating in other related activities.


Scubadiving is an adventurous activity to try out on your visit to Zanzibar. The first time you take a breath under water will be a memory for ever. Scuba diving opens a whole new world – that of the world under the ocean. You can dive in the ocean if you’re an experienced diver. If you’re not, you can take classes at a number of certified dive centers dotting the island. Usually PADI certified, these dive schools teach and train hundreds of people interested in diving to dive for the first time, providing an appreciation of the safety and rituals of good preparation and communication. There’s a small group of 6 divers per guide and you will be able to escape the large crowds and still have fun diving in the ocean. The Rising Sun Dive Centre, as well as Buccaneer Diving are located on the South East of the island, easily accessible from both Kichanga Lodge and Dongwe Ocean View Hotel.