Tailor-made Vacation to Kichanga Lodge

Tailor-made Vacation to Kichanga Lodge

Kichanga Lodge is situated at the Michamvi area on Zanzibar’s most beautiful coastline, the south east. Nestled on a calm, private beach with white sand, it has large open spaces, a good quality swimming pool and 23 rooms. So, if you’re planning a vacation at Kichanga Lodge, here’s what your itinerary should look like:

Day 1- Arrival

As you approach the gate, you are welcomed by a concierge with a beaming smile and cheerful laughter. “Karibu Kichanga Lodge”. Once you are settled in you can head to the ocean for some swimming and after that a dip at the freshwater pool. Later you can relax with cocktails on your private patio or laze in your hammock as you gaze at the Indian Ocean. In the evening you can watch the sunset sky, which is a sight to behold.

Day 2

In the morning you’ll enjoy a full buffet breakfast, following which you can go scuba-diving or snorkelling. You can have a light lunch before heading to the Jozani forest for an exploratory tour of the nature reserve and spot the endangered red colobus monkeys. In the evening you can dine at one of the world’s best-known restaurants, The Rock, which is owned by the same people who own the Kichanga Lodge.

Day 3

Take a walking tour of Stone Town and explore the shops in the narrow alleyways. Visit Forodhani to sample seafood and Darajani market to see how fish is offloaded, fresh from the fishing boats. You can also watch as traders shout themselves hoarse in their tiny stalls as they sell both local and imported fabrics, toys, plastic goods, hardware goods, foodstuff and jewellery.

Day 4

Take a tour on a traditional dhow and explore the waters around Kichanga Lodge. Watch fishing dhows heading out and coming in with the day’s catch. Watch divers and snorkelers busy at their trade.

Day 5

Take a spice tour. Zanzibar is known as spice island and it was and is a major trading port for spices. On a spice tour you will be taken to a spice farm and you will learn how the spices are grown and harvested. The best part about the spice tour is the food that you are served at the end of the tour, it is worth waiting for.

Day 6

You can take a kite-boarding lesson in the morning and in the afternoon take a tour of the local village and see the work done by the Kichanga Foundation.

Kichanga values your sleep, and connects to nature.

You can book any one of the 23 smartly decorated and spacious makuti-roofed rooms, wooden window framed bungalows and villas well furnished with modern amenities including a fantastic bed. Kichanga Lodge values your sleep, and that is why they’ve installed a four-poster king-size bed especially for you. This includes luxury sheets and mosquito nets.

Each room has a large bathroom, toilet and a spacious balcony. You can take in the expansive turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean from the balcony or you can take in the hill side that is along the Lodge.  In short, a vacation at Kichanga Lodge is a vacation that you will enjoy very much.


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