Zanzibar Island

5 Reasons to Explore Zanzibar Island

Everyone has a checklist when they are on holiday. They want to travel to a kind of country that gives them most, if not all the items on that list. For instance, some people want to take in the sights, others want to be immersed in history and the culture of the place. Many people want to enjoy all the beauty that nature has to offer, others want to admire the old world charms of the country.

So, it’s rather special when you get all these in the same country. Yes, we are talking of Zanzibar, the island paradise. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should explore Zanzibar.

1. Nature– Make a trip to the other major island in Zanzibar, Pemba. Here, you can find the endangered flying fox. A walk to its habitat, the Kidike root site, is an experience as well. Or get to the mangrove swamp that is Jozani Forest and look for the Zanzibar Red Colobus monkey. This primate is protected and you can learn about the conservation efforts to keep the species going. Jozani is home to birds and as many as 50 kinds of butterflies as well.Nature has also blessed Zanzibar with abundant rain. The big rains occur in April, May till mid June. Small rains occur in November till mid December. The right time to visit the country is anytime except during the big rains.Nature has also given Zanzibar magnificent beaches and gorgeous marine wildlife. You can spot the eel, octopus, lobster and the dolphin. The beaches are long, filled with white sands, waters perfect to snorkel, swim, and dive.

2. History– the shining icon of history in Zanzibar is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Stone Town. The Persian Baths, the labyrinths, the Forodhani Park- all are lovely to look at and explore.

3. Architecture– one of the most interesting places in Zanzibar is the Palace Museum. You must also check out the House of Wonders, built in 1883 and now a museum. The Peace Memorial Museum shows a strong Arabic influence and has many interesting facets to it. One of the most unusual sights is The Rock restaurant- situated on a rock, this place makes dinner a meal to remember.

4. Culture– Zanzibar is a conservative country and you must be mindful of its culture and norms. Beachwear is okay at the beach, but not elsewhere. Dressing appropriately is imperative to pay respect to the country. The night market is one of the exciting facets of the country. Each night, a market gets set up in the Forodhani Park. Get to this place and enjoy the tastes, sights and sounds of the country. From Zanzibari pizza to urojo soup, Zanzibar Mix to all the snacks- samosa, coconut bread, and kebabs, there’s so much to enjoy.

5. Spices– Zanzibar is renowned for its excellent spices. Go on a tour, take a cooking course and enjoy this experience as well.

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