Music Festival -Zanzibar

Top Festivals in Zanzibar

There’s a lot to see and experience in Zanzibar life.  The food, fun and festivals are the stuff of holiday memories.  A trip here is best undertaken between June and October. December to February works too but be prepared for the heat! Here are some of the top festivals in Zanzibar.

    1. Mkawa Kogwa – celebrating the New Year takes on a whole new shade with this festival. Bonfires and mock fights are the order of the day because the belief is to cleanse yourself of any past unhappiness. The best way to do it is to let go of all your aggression! The festival which happens in Makunduchi, in the south of Zanzibar, is of special note. This four day festival mostly takes place in late July, but it makes sense to double check before you book your tickets.

    2. Sauti za Busara – by far the biggest and most renowned festival in Zanzibar, this is the best of Zanzibar culture in a gorgeous garb. A music festival with a difference, Sauti za Busara brings music and musicians together for a magical experience. Whether its jazz that makes your heart sway or afro-pop, the bongos or the traditional taarab, you’ll always find something to enjoy in this three day festival. The events are plenty and all of them pay tribute to the vibrant culture of the land and its people. Venues are spread across the city, including picturesque Stone Town and the Old Fort. It takes place in early or mid Feb and passes cost $120.

    3. Zanzibar International Film Festival – perhaps the best known festivals from the region, ZIFF features movies of all kinds from documentaries to full-length films and shorts.  You’ll get to watch movies from countries like Madagascar, India, and Iran. There is also an awards ceremony. The festival goes on for over two weeks and movies aren’t the only thing it’s famous for. Workshops, master classes and performances are also on offer. What’s more, a separate section on women makes sure to shine the spotlight on issues pertaining to women. The event takes place in July and there is an entry pass fee of $50.

    4. Jahazi Literary & Jazz Festival – you couldn’t ask for a better setting than this to enjoy the best of jazz, blues, writing and words. Events take place in multiple venues and some of the biggest names in the world of African literature make their presence felt here. This is a weekend you’re not likely to forget any time soon.  The event takes place in anytime between late August and early September and passes cost $40.

    5. Zanzibar Beach and Watersports Festival – Zanzibar is famous for its fabulous beaches and this festival comes as no surprise. From yoga on the beach and beach volleyball, rugby and football, this festival is packed with excitement. Food, workshops, bartending – the fun in the sun is endless. Best beach Luxury Hotel may be what you need to rest and recuperate from all the festivities and frolicking! If you love the sea and the beach, this is the one for you.