Dolphin Tour in Zanzibar

Dolphin Tour in Zanzibar


Any holiday experience in Zanzibar would not be complete without a tour with the incredible dolphins.

This is an early morning or afternoon half-day trip that takes place at the coastal enclave of Kizimkazi where the dolphins take a supposedly migratory journey every morning. You can reach the spot by boat, and you can snorkel alongside the swimming dolphins.

Many visitors are stunned by the friendliness of the dolphins. Organizers of the dolphin tour will go to great lengths to assure visitors that this is an eco-conscious experience, which means that tour operators take dolphin’s welfare seriously and are considerate when it comes to animal ethics. After an early morning pick-up, you’ll be driven about 30 minutes down the east coast of Zanzibar.

At Kizimkazi you’ll head to the beach and board small boats heading out to sea. Many visitors is evidence of the popularity of the dolphin tour, some clad in snorkelling gear, scramble to board the more than a dozen boats about to head to the lagoon on the open Indian Ocean.

The operator then issues a polite riots act on the dos and don’ts while at sea. A small lecture on safety issues, like wearing your life jacket, how to seat to make the boat balanced on the sometimes-rough ocean, why you should never touch or shout at the dolphins etc.


Pod of dolphins

The dozen or so boats will then slowly and casually approach the pod of swimming dolphins who continue swimming in hordes oblivious to any human or machinery presence.

The boats will then spread out, circle the dolphins and this is the point at which tourists and other visitors are urged to jump into the ocean and swim alongside the dolphins.

Dolphins like to swim alongside humans and will not cause any harm but there are tourists who try to touch them or try to feed them, which is totally against the rules. You should never do that at any time during the trip.


Playful dolphins

Another favourite spot to swim alongside dolphins is the fishing village of Fumba. This is the area frequented by both humpback and bottle-nosed dolphins.

Swimming alongside the playful dolphins is a delightful experience, and many tourists thoroughly enjoy it and want it to last if possible, only tour guide restrictions cannot allow this as they are allocated time.

The dolphins themselves will toss and turn and hop into the air and dive into the deep waters all in good spirit.

Before heading out to swim alongside dolphins, you are asked to wear your swimming stuff before departure as there are no changing rooms at Fumba.

Booking for a tour of dolphins is a straightforward issue as most hotels make it part of the package. But you can also find private tour firms in Stone Town or Kizimkazi that will arrange the tour for a fee. However, you should remain wary of many unscrupulous intermediaries who offer an incredible tour package only for you to end up getting ripped off and disappointed.


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