Beach Activities In Zanzibar

Best Beach Activities in Zanzibar


If you’re fond of exotic beach getaways with tropical white sands, azure waters and spectacular sunsets, Zanzibar can be your ‘go-to’ destination. Dotted with lush greens, unchartered coastal villages and sprawling luxury resorts; the beaches here will leave you in complete awe. Interestingly, the primary attraction of Zanzibar is not just these pristine beaches, but also the adventurous and exciting beach activities you get to try here. In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about; here’s a quick sneak peek on the 4 top beach activities in Zanzibar.



The coastline near Zanzibar is interesting to the core. Whether it’s the fishing village of Nungwi, the sand laden beaches of Kendwa, or the empty, unchartered beaches of South Nungwi; each of these spots are ideal for kayaking. As you stroll along these quaint beaches, you’ll find many luxury resorts that offer kayaking options for tourists. You can either hire a boat to spend some quality time with your partner, or set for the tour alone if you fancy a tad bit of ‘me time’.



Ever wanted to fly like a bird? Well, when you’re in Zanzibar, you can ‘actually’ make this dream come true. This beach offers excellent parasailing options that defies gravity and lets you soar above the Indian Ocean, almost 1000s of meters above the sea level. As you float above, the sublime views of Zanzibar leave you wanting for more.

Anyone between 7 to 70 years of age can parasail. This sport is safe, simple and it doesn’t require any experience at all. So simply sit back and hold your breath, as a professional expert guides you through this truly incredible encounter.


Kite Surfing

Often touted as ‘Kite Paradise’, Zanzibar is an excellent place to indulge in kite surfing adventures. This wave riding sport is a popular activity here, and the options you get are truly overwhelming. All you have to do is let your hair down and truly lose yourself to have refreshing experience like never before. It won’t matter even if you’re a first timer because the steady and gentle breeze will always have you covered. That being said, at times, tidal movements can create really strong currents. So if you’re just getting started, it’s better to slow down before you get a hang of the entire thing. The beach is full of colors and teeming with people who enjoy kite surfing and outdoor beach activities, just like you.



If you’re fond of deep sea adventures, snorkeling in the beaches of Zanzibar is one of the best things you can do. This archipelago comes with thousands of snorkeling destinations, and since the water here is home to big, exotic fishes; your experience will be truly rewarding. You can try snorkeling along Mafia Island or Latham Island as they have fishing grounds that are almost unchartered, barring a couple of local fishing folks. With huge groups of wahoo, travelli and barracuda; snorkeling sessions in Zanzibar will definitely live up to your expectations.


Final Thoughts

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, get your tickets and head to this ‘beach-lover’s paradise’ right away!

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