Best Family Beach Hotel in Zanzibar - Kichanga Lodge

Best Family Beach Hotel in Zanzibar – Kichanga Lodge

Zanzibar hotels are aggressively competing to offer family packages that feature activities in and around the ocean. These include diving, snorkelling, wind and kite-surfing and boat trips.

Some of the water activities have age restrictions, but others are suitable for young children. For instance, a boat trip is a favourite activity for the whole family, and boats can be rented easily.

Spend quiet time together

At Kichanga Lodge your family can spend quiet time together. If you’re not watching the TV programmes including the vibrant Zanzibar cultural programmes, you can relax on the stunning tropical beaches.

You can laze around the powdery white sands framed by shady palm trees as your children play throw and catch on the shallow end of the sparkling turquoise waters. For your older children, it can be a fun and educational experience to explore the islands’ coral reefs and marine wildlife.

Round up your clan

Your vacation starts as soon as you round up your clan and book family-friendly rooms at Kichanga Lodge. Kichanga is an easy 60-minute drive from the International airport just outside of Stone Town. Check out Kichanga’s website where you can book not only rooms, but all the transfers you’ll require as well as the more popular tours and excursions the family will enjoy together.

With your booking confirmed, you and your relatives can experience endless family fun at Kichanga Lodge. Here you will find countless activities and attractions that will have you and your clan talking about your Kichanga Lodge experience for many years to come.

You will also have plenty of time to bond, share meals, swim together, visit parks and who knows, you might even meet celebrities you’ve only seen or heard on television or movies.

The food is great at Kichanga and you also have the option of dining at The Rock restaurant which is quite near. The hotel staff can arrange bookings as seats are not easily available at the restaurant.

Flocking to Kichanga

Families from far and near visit Kichanga Lodge, and this can be attested by the thousands of people who visited the lodge in 2017/18. You’ll be surprised at how visitors have heaped praise on Kichanga Lodge to make it one of the most sought-after destinations in Zanzibar.

The moment you step inside your room, you will see why the lodge received such good ratings. The rooms are spotless and tidy while the surrounding areas are pleasantly welcoming. The gardens, the pool the lounge beach chairs, the works. From the beaming and ever-smiling staff, who show extreme patience you can be sure that your family will be well taken care of.

We’ve heard stories of disgruntled visitors who check out of a hotel in a big hurry due to the poor service they received. Not at Kichanga Lodge. On the last day of their stay at Kichanga, most visitors stroll toward the check-out desk with a huge smile on their face, evidence of the superior service received.

If you’re looking for money well spent and guaranteed satisfaction, then book a room at Kichanga Lodge for your next vacation and enjoy quality time with your family.


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