Club House In Zanzibar Kichanga Lodge

Club House in Zanzibar – Kichanga Boutique Lodge

If you’re looking to spend some uninterrupted ‘me time’ in a quaint, peaceful ambience – the Clubhouse in Kichanga is exactly the place you need to visit. Located at the heart of the lodge, this clubhouse is a quintessentially classic spot for anyone who’s looking to take a break from the daily humdrum of urban life. It features a stunning beach bar, a big spacious lounge (equipped with free Wi-Fi) and a small library with a collection of interesting books, some rare, othersd well known, mostly left for readers by other visitors. Whether you’re looking to read about African literature or find out about the local history of Khanga Kitenge- this ‘library’ will cough up some interesting reads. And that’s not all! You’ll also find a host of other features that’ll keep you hooked to the place. In case you’re wondering what these features are, here’s a complete insight on everything you wanted to know about the Clubhouse in Kichanga.

Witness the Indelible Beauty of Nature

The Clubhouse at Kichanga Lodge is one of the best spots to experience the uninterrupted, quaint charm of nature. This luxurious lodge exemplifies peace in its truest possible sense. Once you visit this place, you’ll be truly amazed with its inherently calm ambience, where your time is controlled by none, and your pace is dictated by the soft rhythms of nature. The pleasant sound of the lapping waters, the melodious call of the local birds and the cool breeze from the palm fringed beaches will collectively redefine your idea of relaxation.

Relax and Unwind

This clubhouse gives you ample opportunities to relax and unwind just the way you want to. You can comfortably snuggle on the huge, spacious lounge, sipping from your favorite cocktail and reading a book about the rich, cultural heritage of Africa. If you’re not too fond of reading, plug in your headphones and listen to the gentle, soothing music that’ll calm your senses and help you relax better.

Take a Sip from the Sumptuous Cocktails

Your ultimate holiday is truly incomplete without the right set of food and drinks. And this is yet another reason why you need to visit the Clubhouse. Like the lodge itself, the Clubhouse too has a wide array of local delicacies and sumptuous tropical cocktails. So whether you’re fond of classic Tanzanian beers, lip smacking cocktails, soft drinks or any other beverage- you’ll find everything you need, in this beautiful resort. In case you’re looking to try something new, head out with your favorite sundowner and relax on the beautiful beach with your feet covered in the warm sand.

Experience the comfortable amenities

The Clubhouse in Kichanga also offers some additional amenities like a comfy TV room, a huge reception where the in-house staff will address your concerns and a quirky collection of books. The entire space is equipped with Wi-Fi. So you can always browse your favorite stuff, all the while sipping from a glass of cocktail and listening to some gentle, soothing music.

Final Thoughts

So if you’re looking to experience the true beauty of Zanzibar in a quaint and luxurious setting, visit the Clubhouse in Kichanga lodge right away!

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