Kichanga Lodge

Kichanga Lodge – The Best Place To Stay Near Pingwe, Tanzania

Pingwe is a place in the east of Zanzibar and near the north of Michamvi Peninsula.  It is a great place to spend your time. The white sand beaches in Pingwe are the reason many tourists visit the place. The clear pristine waters of the Indian Ocean are what most tourists want to see and take a dip and this can be found in Pingwe. There are many places to stay near Pingwe and the nearest and best place to stay is Kichanga Lodge.

Kichanga Lodge is set amongst wonderful palms and is considered to be on the best places for a romantic getaway. The Lodge is in a private and secluded part of the island with some great scenery. You can relax in the beach or sit in your balcony and view the waters amidst the cool breeze. You can relax in a hammock with a book or just sit and drink.

If you love nature you will love the Kichanga Lodge as it has all the elements of nature integrated in the furniture and the architecture. The best part is that the furniture is hand crafted and no two pieces are the same. The fabrics used are a testament to the local Swahili culture.

The owners of Kichanga Lodge also own the Dongwe Ocean View Hotel which has panoramic views of the ocean as well as the Rock restaurant.

The celebrated Rock restaurant is nearby and you can reach there in just 10 minutes. You can get reservations from Kichanga Lodge itself if you ask the staff to book early. The food is very good and the sea food is sourced from the ocean where it stands. The Rock stands in the middle of the Indian Ocean and you can reach by foot when there is low tide but if there is high tide you need a boat.

There are many activities that you can take part in when you are based at Kichanga Lodge. If you like to kite surf you can head to Paje beach. Paje is considered to be one of the best destinations for kite surfing because the waves are of the right height and the wind is of the right speed. Many expert wind surfers stay at Kichanga Lodge when they want to wind surf in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar is a nice snorkeling destination. Many snorkelers come to Zanzibar to check the marine life in the waters amidst the coral reefs. Even beginners can learn snorkeling here. Zanzibar is also famous for scuba diving. Many scuba divers visit Zanzibar to dive in the beaches of Zanzibar. You can also learn scuba diving here.

Stone Town is another place that visitors who stay in Kichanga Lodge frequently visit. The wonderful architecture should be seen to be believed in Stone Town. The centuries old architecture is picture perfect and you can view some of the best buildings built long ago. The main reason for Zanzibar’s popularity is the spice trade. Spices have been traded for centuries here. It has been a leading spice trading port for centuries. You can go on a spice tour while in Stone Town. The guide will take you around spice farms and teach you about the way they are grown and the way the spices are harvested. You will also be taught how to use the spices in your food and the best part is that you will be treated to some wonderful food made with the spices. The culture of the island can also be learnt at Stone Island because you can interact with the locals. You can drink tea along with them and also try some wonderful local dishes such as pilau, biryani and meat samosas.  The sea food is also something to die for, you can get sea food made from fresh catch.

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