Inside Our Ocean View Bungalows

Inside Our Ocean View Bungalows

Zanzibar is one of the gems of the African continent. It has so much to offer to the traveller – glorious beaches, a host of wildlife, gorgeous displays of nature, and a heritage that’s ancient and rich. Travellers come here seeking any number of things – adventure, peace, a break from their hectic lives and work schedules.

For a slower pace of life, look no further than the truly marvelous and unique Kichanga lodge. Nestled among majestic palms in the beautiful Michamvi on the South-Eastern coastline of Zanzibar, the lodge is the last word on romantic holidays in the island. It is private, secluded and set amongst marvelous scenery.

Relax and experience the warmth of sand between your toes, sit in the balcony of your beachside bungalow and feast your eyes on the waters, cool off with the fans placed at comfortable distances, and just let your worries float away with the breeze. Laze in a hammock and read a book or take a nap, bask in a beach chair and sip on your drink – luxurious holidays don’t get better than this.

Each bungalow is spacious and comes with all the luxuries you’d require to make your holiday a memorable one. If you’re travelling with a family, the family bungalow is perfect. Or if you’d like a view of the flowers, opt for the garden bungalow. The honeymoon bungalow is a perfect place to connect with your partner and strengthen the bonds of love.

If you want a bit of a pace to your holiday that can be done too – the boutique hotel offers scuba diving and kite surfing just a stone’s throw away from the resort. Payment is easy and can be made online.

This is a space that blends the best the land has to offer to create something holistic and harmonious. Nature is in every aspect of the Lodge. You can see it in the incorporation of natural elements in the architecture, furniture and fixtures. It is also present in the style in which the living units are decorated – it is a tribute to the vibrant Swahili culture in the fabrics. The east African hardwoods have lent their majesty to create gorgeous hand-made furniture. Yes! The tables, beds, all the exterior furnishings and the driftwoods that dot the property have been designed and created by hand. This creates unique pieces, no two of which are alike.

The owner of the Lodge uses his wide international travel experiences to create designs. These are then executed to perfection by Zanzibari craftsmen and women. This is applicable to the fabric and to the furniture.

This mindfulness and a need to create harmony in everything are seen not only in the Lodge, but also in the renowned and distinct The Rock Restaurant. Situated just 10 minutes away, the restaurant is also owned and run by the same management. The restaurant is exciting, because it’s on the waters of the Indian Ocean! You can walk to it in low tide, but you will need a boat at high tide. Simple, delicious fare is its trademark and this has fast become a very popular thing to do in Zanzibar.

The Kichanga Foundation is committed to sustainable living and empowering the people who work on the resort. It is a harmonious space for everyone, especially for the traveler who wants to just relax and recuperate.