Sightseeing At Zanzibar

Exhaustive List Of Sightseeing At Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania. It is an archipelago and the main island is Zanzibar and the official name for the island is Unguja. Many people visit Zanzibar and usually keep coming back to explore the place again and again. In fact, a lot of people who have a safari experience or climb Mount Kilimanjaro come to Zanzibar to rest and recuperate and there have been stories of tourists staying longer than they planned because they are caught in the beauty of the islands and the wonderful exploring opportunities on offer such as:

Stone Town – This is the main part of the island. The centuries old buildings which are reminiscent of Arabic architecture can simply awe you. You can meet the wonderful people of the island here and understand the culture. The food is wonderful in this part and you should surely try the succulent dishes.

Jozani Forest – If you like to explore forests, then you should head to Jozani forest. The forest is very vast and you can find some wonderful trees and ferns. There are many birds and animals that you can encounter when you are in the forest.

Nungwi Beach – It is one of the popular beaches on the North Western side of Zanzibar. If you want to lie down in the sun or swim in the waters, then this is the beach to go to.

Prison Island – This island can be reached after a boat trip of around thirty minutes. This island is a reminder of the dark days here as this was the island where the slaves were held in captivity. After the abolition of slavery the island used to function as a place for people with serious diseases to stay. But now, the prison is in ruins and you can explore the place. But the best part is that it is a nature reserve for giant tortoises and you can visit and see these wonderful creatures.

Forodhani Market – When in Zanzibar you should visit this food market. The market commences in the afternoon and is open through the night. You will get wonderful sea food made from fresh produce. There are other food items too but the sea food is the most delicious and the most sought after here.

Palace Museum – Also known as the Sultan’s palace, it is just opposite the ocean. It was the home of the Sultan but after he was overthrown it was used as a building for government offices but now is a renowned museum.

Spice Tour – When in Zanzibar you need to go on a spice tour. The island is known the world over as a predominant spice trading destination. You will be taken by expert guides on this tour and they will let you know about the history of the spice trade, the spices that are grown in the island, how they are harvested, how they should be used in food etc. The tour usually ends with food made from the best spices on offer. You can also buy spices to take back home.

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