Sunset on the Indian Ocean in Zanzibar

Sunset At Zanzibar

Zanzibar is perfectly poised- its location makes its summers warm and its winters cool. The island is blessed with rain and the other seasons are all lovely to visit in. A sunset in Zanzibar is a magical sight and time. The coastline is vast and beautiful, the waters are pristine, the sands are white and the marine life is rich and fascinating. As the sun goes down, the whole island is enveloped in a calm, bringing in the gentle light of dusk, and the impending warm, languid evening. The cooler onshore breezes are replaced by the less cool land breeze, complimenting the cooling temperature.

Feeling the sun go down to its resting place in the waters that surround the island is liberating. A time for peace, some thoughtfulness and something every holiday goer should experience. If you want to experience the best possible sunset then Zanzibar island is the perfect place.

Situated on the south-eastern coastline of Zanzibar already puts it at an advantage- this stretch is easily one of the most beautiful stretches in the country. The private lodge fits everybody’s requirement. If you’re on holiday, a small escape from a hectic time at work, Kichanga is perfect- its beach cottages are right on the beach and each of them comes with a view of the water. These bungalows are private, secluded and lovely. The furniture and fixtures pay tribute to the beauty of the land and its people- the stud is indigenous, handcrafted by gifted artists and craftsmen. The fabric is handwoven by local talent and everything is locally sourced. This makes Kichanga Lodge uniquely connected to the land and the people. Sitting on the balcony, under a slow moving fan watching the sun go down, is something you won’t forget.

If you’re a honeymooning couple, choose the Honeymoon Suite. It is set apart and on a higher level than the rest. It has its own terrace and a private entrance. The stone shower is fun and the suite is the byword for luxury. Watch the waving sea from your king size bed and enjoy your time together as a newlywed couple. Start your life of togetherness in peace and harmony.

Kichanga is situated on the pretty Michamvi beach. It is romantic and scenic and sitting on the beach can be pleasing and thrilling. You can do this even as you lie in a hammock and read a book, or catch a quick nap before the setting sun’s rays reach your eyes.

For a different sea view, take a leisurely walk down to the world famous Rock Restaurant. Depending on the tide, the restaurant is either in the Indian Ocean or on the Ocean! Low tide will let you take a walk right up to the steps. In high tide, you’ll have to take a boat. Once here, sample the world famous cuisine that the Rock is reputed for. It’s a menu that uses the best of local produce with an international touch in its dishes. Spices, seafood, fruit and vegetables all come together to create something unique on the plate. Both the food and the ambience can make this a memory worth reliving over and over again.

The sunset is one of the many beautiful things about the Zanzibar where Kichanga Lodge is famous for its beauty and its commitment to sustainable living and respecting local culture and people.