Tanzanian Safari

Best Time Of Year For a Tanzanian Safari

Tanzania is famous for its safaris, but to get the most out of a safari you should know when to visit. Though June to October is considered the best time to visit Tanzania for a safari, many people consider January to March also as a good time. Let us look at each month:


It will rain in January and it is usually humid. January is ideal to spot rhinos at the Ngorongoro crater. During the end of January the calving season starts for antelope, zebra and wildebeest. Tourists usually start visiting late January.


Northern parks are usually dry in February whereas the western parks are usually under heavy rains. But February is one of the important months for safaris as people visit to view the wildebeest calving. Ndutu is the place you ought to go to see this marvel, 500,000 wildebeest calves being born. Just watching the young ones taking their first steps is an experience.


Usually the heavy rains start in March. The ground becomes green and fertile and there would be a lot of animals but you need experts to ride around in this weather. If you are willing you can experience a good safari but you should be ready to get wet.


Heavy rains make April a difficult time for people to go on a safari. The water holes start getting filled and animals are also abundant but the thick vegetation and the rains make it difficult to sight them.


May is also part of the big rains and the rains tend to be heavy making it difficult for safaris. However, in the past few years May has seen some dry weather and if it is dry the weather can be ideal for a safari.


June is the start of the safari season. It is the start of the dry weather and this is the time when tourists start visiting Tanzania. It is the time to view wildebeest crossing the Grumeti river. You will understand the saying, ‘There is safety in numbers’, by watching this unfold.


This is the driest month of the year and also the most popular. You will be able to see a lot of wildlife in this month.


As the weather gets drier, the waterholes also start drying up. This is the time when you can see a lot of wildlife as the grass would have been grazed too. Wildebeest would have started their migration so you will not come across them.


The dry season continues with humidity levels also reaching low. You may get to glimpse a river crossing of the wildebeest if you are lucky.


A few rains here and there but overall a good month for safaris.


It is the start of the short rains and it will be difficult to go on safaris. If you are willing to brave the rain you can go and you will be able to view good number of animals.


The short rains continue and it will be difficult but with trained guides you can surely come across a number of wild animals.

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