Zanzibar Seasons

Weather At Zanzibar During Summers

Whenever we think of a summer break, we think of one thing- the beach. Yes! What’s better than lolling on the beach, sunbathing, getting a nice tan and sipping on some drinks? It’s to be able to do all this and more in a beautiful scenic location. What’s better than Zanzibar? This island in Tanzania is made up of a series of islands, big and small, all fantastic. From the largest main island of Unguja to the smaller islands of Pemba, and Chumbe, Zanzibar is blessed with miles of coastline, clear waters and pure sands. Barring the months of rain in April and May, the rest of the year is great to explore the island. It sits pretty below the equator, giving it lovely weather throughout the year. Hot in summer, mild in winters, the sea breeze has its part to play in raising and lowering temperatures. All the while, the breeze adds a new element to the experience.

You can enjoy yourself the most from June to October and then the short rain spell sets in. and then between December and March before the long rain spell sets in. December to March is summer season. Think warm, sunny days, clear blue skies, the temperature hovering between the twenties and the beginning of the thirties. And let’s discuss the skies- The skies are clear, and it’s perfect weather to look at the stars and spot constellations.

Marine tourism is big in Zanzibar and you can take full advantage of the emphasis laid on this sphere. Snorkel, dive, swim and explore the waters- find octopus, dolphin, and other creatures and gaze on them with wonder. Explore the coral reefs to your heart’s content. Or pull up some deck chairs and just watch the day go by.

In summer, the weather is perfect for exploration of the land too. Visit the historic space of Stone Town. This UNESCO World Heritage Site will take you right into the past, as if it’s never gone away. Explore the labyrinths and the baths and walk the lanes of this space. There are details in the architecture from the covered balcony and the carved doors and the ones with brass inlay. Also at site is the Anglican Church of Christ built in 1874.

On the mainland, you’ll find the less explored Saadani National Parl. You can spot game and then head to the beach to relax after a long day. In Mnemba Island, you can find the best dive sites from anywhere around. The conservation efforts undertaken here to protect marine life is admirable and worth getting educated on. Here, you can wind-surf, kayak, fly-fish and undertake deep-sea fishing.

If you’re coming to Zanzibar for the summer, do keep in mind that beachwear is okay only on the beach. This is a conservative country and you’d be best served with modest clothing. Shorts are okay, at the knee, skirts and t shirts are fine too. No sleeveless and revealing necklines. Do remember that respecting a country’s culture is important for a good holiday experience.