Stone Town Tanzania

Places To Visit Nearby Kichanga Lodge

Kichanga Lodge is on Michamvi beach which is famous for its white sand. The lodge is an award winning hotel and you will surely enjoy your time here. There are a lot of activities that you can indulge in while staying at Kichanga Lodge apart from soaking in the sun and swimming in the sea and some of them are given below:

A visit to Stone Town – Stone Town is the most famous place in Zanzibar. It is a town that is steeped in history. The streets have an old world feel and you will love walking on those streets. There are many places to visit in Stone Town such as the Museum, the House of Wonders etc. The food around Stone Town is also something that you should savour. Visit the Old Fort; it is a place that used to be a prison, a place where people were executed, a place that was used to protect the people from the Portuguese and is now the headquarters of the Zanzibar International Film Festival.

Go on a Spice Tour – Zanzibar was one of the leading spice ports. Spices from India used to pass through these ports and now it is known for its spice trade. While on a spice tour guides who are very well experienced will take you to spice plantations and impart lessons on the cultivation of the spices, how they are harvested etc. The best part is you can buy spices to take back home. At the end of the tour you are taught how to use the spices in your food and you are also provided with some wonderful spicy food to eat.

A meal at the Rock Restaurant – The Rock is famous throughout the world. People come to Zanzibar to just visit the Rock as many have a meal at the Rock on their bucket list. The owners of Kichanga Lodge also own the Rock restaurant. However, you should get your booking done earlier as the Rock tends to be full most days. The Rock sits actually on a rock and you can walk to it or reach by boat based on the tide. The menu is simple but is worth savouring.

Watching animals and birds at the Jozani Forest – The famous red Colobus monkey can be found there. The Forest can be easily reached and if you are a nature lover you will love to spend your time in the Jozani Forest. Watching animals and birds in their natural habitat is a joy that cannot be described in words.

A visit to the Forodhani Gardens at night: The famous Night Market at Forodhani Gardens is a must visit when you stay at Kichanga Lodge. At the night market you can try the local food and drinks. You can jive to the music and also understand the people of Zanzibar. If you haven’t tried sugar cane juice you should, you will get hooked to it. The samosas are a real treat, you cannot stop after eating just one.

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