The Rock Restaurant

The Rock Restaurant-Culinary Delights At Zanzibar

While people do visit Zanzibar for all its natural attractions- beaches, wildlife, marine life, and its history in the form of Stone Town and the rest, people also come for one main draw- the Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar. The restaurant has been featured in many international magazines and websites and has been called everything from iconic to unforgettable. It’s easy to see why. The location, for starters. The Rock sits on a rock on the south-east coastline of Zanzibar at Michamvi Pingwe. It’s surrounded by water, which means at low tide you can walk there, and then enjoy a meal on the water or at high tide, you’ll need to take a boat to The Rock and then enjoy a sublime meal with a view of both land and water.

The other reason for its popularity is its management- the folks who run Kichanga Lodge also run The Rock. Which means a visitor can expect the same attention to detail and the same homage and respect to everything that is Zanzibar. From the setting of The Rock to the little details, everything is thoughtful and well-meaning. The food takes the best of the abundant natural resources of the country to create international food, with an emphasis on Italian cuisine. Coupled with great service and a comfortable, indulgent atmosphere, you’ve got everything you need to enjoy a lovely meal.

If you want to enjoy the meal, start with making a reservation on their website ( for transport and the restaurant. This way, you can ensure that you’ll get to enjoy the hospitality of the place. Once here, marvel at the menu which offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in wonderful dishes. The spices are from the famed spice farms of Zanzibar, the fish is from the reefs in the waters that surround the restaurant, the beef comes from the best cattle farms in the country and the vegetables are from local traders and the pasta is made fresh daily in the kitchen. Apart from all this, drinks are available too, from soft drinks to alcohol.

Start your meal off with some fish fingers to compliment tartar sauce or some tempura made of prawn, squid and zucchini. The homemade pasta and gnocchi has a wide spread. Everything is delicious and you can enjoy the local spaghetti, called Tambi with some stir fry fish. The tagliolini is served with fried aubergines, black olives, fresh tomatoes, capers and basil. The main course is scrumptious and filling. Try the grilled beef fillet, where the meat is marinated with rosemary and ginger and served with potatoes and other vegetables or the tandoori squid cooked in coconut milk and spinach. It’s accompanied with basmati rice. Finish your meal off with flambéed pineapple served with ice cream made from the famed Zanzibar vanilla or some simple and delicious fresh fruit and ice cream. Coffee and tea is also available.

The Rock Restaurant is a great example of how simple cooking methods and fresh produce can go a long way to making a perfect delicious, well balanced meal. Head here for a meal that’s not just food, but an experience.