About Kichanga

One of Zanzibar’s best-kept secrets, Zanzibar Kichanga Lodge, sits among the swaying palms in beautiful Michamvi along on the Southeastern coastline of the island.

Zanzibar Lodges and Accommodations, this private resort hosts charming bungalows with ocean views, nestled within a stunning hillside by the sea.
Zanzibar Lodge, Kichanga not only offers the perfect combination of romance and relaxation, kite surfing and scuba diving are nearby and we can organize it for you. We provide vacation packages and special pricing based on seasonal offerings.

Kichanga Lodge is surrounded and inspired by nature’s wonders, and you will be too, as our guest.

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Ideal for family or group of people wanting to share a memorable vacation in a private mood. At one side you have a garden and the other side a long white sand seaside shore for a walk.

zanzibar resort vacations

It comes a time where a choice from a vacation with a  swimming pool to that of the seaside Hotel holidays venue can be tough to take, at Kichanga Lodge you have both for the same price, long seaside walk.

zanzibar resort vacations

The architect of the universe has made Kichanga Lodge an ideal place where the breeze , the sound of the ocean act as a soul therapy .  The magical mood and the sense of relaxation you ever wanted.