Honeymoon Suites in Kichanga Lodge

Honeymoon Suites in Kichanga Lodge

A wedding is one of the most important unions between loved ones. It should be a time to create memories that will last a lifetime. With the blissful wedding having taken place, the next step is to cement the bond between couples.

And what better place to achieve this lovely union than at Kichanga Lodge Zanzibar. The lodge has a luxury honeymoon suite with a thatched roof, hammock, wooden windows and a king size bed, not to mention the private patio and the comfortable and cushioned chairs.

The honeymoon suite has a private entrance as well as a private terrace where you can view the Indian ocean. There is also a stone shower, mini fridge, hairdryer and coffee station.

Then there is the natural surrounding with greenery which slows down time allowing you to make the most of your stay. The honeymoon suite at Kichanga lodge offers honeymooners a chance to get intimate with nature, with its location within the natural gardens, full of mature trees.

Kichanga Lodge is without a doubt one of the best honeymoon destinations in East Africa. It offers a secluded white sandy beach and just the right amount of privacy for the lovebirds.

The newlyweds can expect to be charmed with all the beauty and serenity that the Kichanga Lodge has to offer. It is the perfect place to create an experience that is going to last a lifetime.

Getting to Kichanga Lodge is easy as it is only a 50-minute drive from Stone Town. You will feel that the lodge is made for lovers on a honeymoon. There is an aura of romance at every corner of the lodge.

Whether you are on the beach, at the swimming pool, or you just want to lie back with your partner and stare at the stars, Kichanga Lodge has everything you need for a romantic stay. The two of you can take a nightly stroll at the beach without worrying about other people’s eyes prying on you.

There are plenty of diversions at the lodge in case you need to occupy yourself with something different. You can scuba dive, take a boat, see the coral reefs and even learn to snorkel.

For a more romantic and intimate experience, the newlyweds can have a spa treatment where your mind, body and soul get to relax. The Rock restaurant is just a stone’s throw away. Here you will find a unique place to dine on some delicious seafood and enjoy a different ambience.

And once you’ve had all the great fun to be experienced at Kichanga lodge’s honeymoon suite, you might just plan the second trip in future years to remind yourself of your beautiful honeymoon.