White Sand Beaches in Zanzibar

White Sand Beaches in Zanzibar

Many have dreams of an exotic coastal destination sipping on refreshing drinks as they sun bask on white sands. Does such a beautiful destination exist? Indeed, and it’s called Zanzibar. It has some of the most pristine beaches and clear blue waters anywhere in the world.

Zanzibar is an archipelago comprising of many islands but the main island Unguja is often referred to as Zanzibar and it’s coastline is beautiful whether you are situated in the north of the island or the south. Let’s however consider the most beautiful beaches that stand above the rest.


  1. Jambiani Beach

This beach is miles upon miles of white sand and is situated in the fishing village of Jambiani. It is known for being an excellent location for snorkeling, diving and kite-boarding. The water can get a bit too warm, depending on the tide and time of day, and many tourists and locals prefer going to Jambiani during the morning and afternoon hours.


  1. Michamwi Beach

This is another beautiful beach to be found in the south-east of Zanzibar. It is a good spot for swimming especially when the tide is high. This is a less crowded beach and many tourists looking for a somewhat secluded beach with no crowds and noise can find the best spot at Michamvi beach. The beach has splendid white sand and you can just laze in the sun here.

A point to note is that low tide swimming is not the best choice here.


  1. Paje Beach

Paje beach has a lot more people than Michamwi beach and you will likely find plenty of sailing as well as kiting with the best weather for this being between December and January. If you are a fan of sunbathing or sailing this is a perfect location and its white sands make it all the more stunning. It is a destination for kite surfers as the water and the breeze is perfect for this new sporting activity.


  1. Bweju Beach

If fewer crowds are what you are looking for, then head out to Bweju Beach. It is isolated and perfect for relaxation as you watch the fishermen come back from their fishing exploits on their dhows. It is an excellent area for swimming and a local favorite is to go out during low tide and walk to the reef.


  1. Kizimkazi

If you are open for a wildlife adventure and let’s be honest, who isn’t? then Kizimkazi beach is the one for you. Bottlenose dolphins are a frequent sight and you can even join them in the water, however you are not allowed to touch the dolphins or to feed them. What’s more, it is a good spot for snorkeling and diving.


  1. Kiwengwa Beach

This beautiful beach is also referred to as Little Italy mainly due to the Italian hotels that line the beach front. The low tide has a large influence on Kiwengwa beach and tourists can have fun in the shallow waters as they marvel at the crystal-clear waters all the while enjoying a cool refreshing drink.