Zanzibar Honeymoon Guide by Kichanga Lodge

Zanzibar Honeymoon Guide by Kichanga Lodge

Once you’re done with the stress and expense of your wedding celebration, the honeymoon should be a welcome and enjoyable getaway. Whether you plan to land on some coastal sandy beaches, explore a new city or embark on a safari expedition, the trip should be about celebrating your marriage and having the time of your life. But the post-wedding traveling can be a source of financial stress if you fail to plan appropriately. And this is where Kichanga Lodge comes in.


Friendly destination

Kichanga may be the most welcoming destination in the entire East African coast. The staff takes genuine joy in welcoming you and pay particular attention to honeymoon couples. With a mix of beautiful beaches and a rugged outback, Kichanga Lodge is unlike most other Zanzibar hotels. Romantic and adventurous activities are limitless, including a tour of Stone Town and sunset dhow safaris.

And to cap it all, many hotels are delighted to offer a special treat to honeymooners and newlyweds in the form of an upgrade, and the Kichanga Lodge is no exception. During your booking, it is worthwhile to mention that you intend to visit as a newly-married couple and to inquire as to whether any upgrades are available apart from the honeymoon suite. A polite inquiry usually does the trick. Be sure to produce your marriage certificate just to prove your intentions.

If you’re looking to score for an upgraded room for your honeymoon, you don’t have to worry because whether it’s the low or busy season, Kichanga Lodge always has abundant space to cater for all. An upgraded room at Kichanga is meant to boost your loyalty and make your stay comfortable besides giving the hotel a return business.


Here is what honeymooners expect at Kichanga Lodge:

  • Hotel rates are based on a per room basis
  • Shuttle travel from airport to Kichanga Lodge about one-hour drive from Airport is bookable
  • One week’s accommodation or more in the honeymooner suite
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily
  • Free WiFi, beach towels, umbrellas and sunbeds
  • Nightly entertainment
  • Complimentary water and land activities including snorkelling, kite-surfing, kayaking, football, volleyball, table tennis and diving
  • Honeymoon gifts included in the suite: a bottle of sparkling wine and a flower decoration upon arrival.
  • One hour couple massage
  • A la carte romantic dinner for the couple.


Honeymooners draw smiles and kind gestures from most people from the moment they land at the airport or port and it is not unusual to find vehicles in Zanzibar traffic coming to a halt to let them pass. Or other young ladies waving excitedly the moment they notice the bride donned in her brightly coloured wedding gown. Kichanga lodge adds its famed hospitality to these moments of immense pleasure.