How To Spend 48 Hours In Zanzibar

Zanzibar is an archipelago consisting of many islands and the main island which is known as Unguja in local parlance is generally recognized as Zanzibar. There are many attractions in Zanzibar and you need a lot more than 48 hours to visit all of them. But if you just have 48 hours, do not worry, you can cram in a lot in those hours too and the following itinerary will help you get the most out of those hours:

Day 1:

Arrive in Zanzibar in the early morning and head to Stone Town and explore the place. Stone Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a coastal trading town that has been the hub of spice trade for centuries. You can walk around the town and marvel at the wonderful architecture on display, you can interact with the locals and partake the wonderful Zanzibari cuisine on offer. There are many places where you can shop and do not forget to buy spices, after all Zanzibar is also famous as the ‘Spice Island’. Watching the locals bargaining is an experience in itself.

After spending half a day in Stone Town you can head to Prison Island. The island used to be a prison where slaves were kept but with slavery being abolished the prison was used as a place where people with communicable diseases were kept. Now the prison is in ruins but the island has been converted into a conservatory for tortoises. You can view many tortoises and turtles here. If you like snorkelling you can dive into the ocean and check the coral reefs. Once you return to the shore you can visit the many rooftop bars and enjoy the sunset.

After a drink you should head to Forodhani Gardens to try the variety of street food on offer. Do not forget to try the Zanzibari Pizza. After dining at Forodhani Gardens you can retire to your hotel for the night because an early morning awaits you.

Day 2:

You rise early and head on a dhow to Kizimkazi where you will find a lot of dolphins. You can swim alongside these wonderful creatures and have a great time there. Once you return from your ocean sojourn you should head for lunch to The Rock restaurant, a restaurant that has been featured in some of the top magazines of the world. The restaurant sits on a rock in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and the food is considered to be delicious. Get a reservation because the restaurant is always full and can accommodate only a limited number of patrons at a time.

After lunch you should head to the Jozani Forest and be amongst nature. There are a lot of birds that you can view here but the forest is well known for the red colobus monkey. You can view it in its natural habitat. In the evening you can spend some time on the white sandy beaches of Dongwe. Have dinner at Kichanga Lodge and retire for the night there as you need to get up early for your flight.