A Zanzibar Honeymoon Guide

see the beauty of Zanzibar while at sea. Sunset dhow trips can be arranged for two.

  •  Go for water sports

Honeymooners can spend the day at the beach playing volleyball. Many lodges have a fully mechanized department that caters for motorsports, including kite surfing, snorkelling, and deep sea diving. The newlyweds can take a tour of the ocean in one of the motorized boats.

  •  Tour spice farms

Honeymooners can tour the spice farms to get first-hand knowledge of the Zanzibar’s major export to the world. How they’re farmed, harvested, processed and packaged. After a sumptuous lunch that is part of the tour package, the lovers can retreat to their lodge in the evening for more relaxation and romance while they await another candle-lit dinner at the beach.

  • Entertainment

There are many entertainment spots in Zanzibar to suit honeymooners. They range from the loud and boisterous, quiet and serene to adrenaline-driven hip-hop joints that attract the young. If your hotel is not offering any entertainment options, it is a good idea to chat with the hotel manager, who will recommend entertainment spots to suit the newly-weds.