Zanzibar Beach Accommodation Price Guide

Zanzibar Beach Accommodation Price Guide

There are hundreds of hotels and guest houses in Zanzibar to suit almost all budgets. Many of the hotels occupy restored or historical buildings, whilst most of the beach based hotels feature island style bungalows or Swahili styled modern buildings. Being a small island, all are within a short distance from the main attractions in the island. Most hotels have air-conditioning, showers and Wifi.

From the north to the south of the archipelago, hardly will you walk a few hundred yards without spotting beach accommodation. Most are part of local luxury beach resorts that offer everything you need to make your stay serene and comfortable. Standard amenities include restaurants that offer seafood, swimming pools, spas and of course, white sandy beaches. Here are ten hotels you’re likely to enjoy staying:

1. Princess Salme Inn (USD14)

Situated in Stone Town, Prince Salme offers a terrace and free WiFi. It neighbours the Peace Memorial Museum, the Old Dispensary and Afrique Cinema. Rated as the best value in town, Princess Salme offers guests a continental breakfast, lunch and dinner.

2. Kichanga Lodge (USD167)

One of the best island bungalow style resorts where guests ‘feel at one with nature, the beach, the ocean, the sky and moon’ destinations in the island, and an affiliate of Dongwe Ocean View Hotel. Kichanga is a real get away from it all hotel, re-energise and be pampered hotel. Best value comes from booking directly from the lodge’s website with half board rates and direct booking benefits. The Rock restaurant is very near.

3. Dongwe Ocean View Hotel (USD152)

The perfect holiday destination, the Dongwe Ocean View Hotel is right on the beach with excellent views of the Indian Ocean. There is great food and abundant water activities including snorkelling, diving and beach football.

4. Golden Tulip (USD81)

Majestic and yet not pretentious, the Golden Tulip defies the boundaries between the present and the past, displaying modernity in an area replete with ancient architecture.

5. DoubleTree by Hilton (USD161)

Located at Nungwi, the DoubleTree hotel by Hilton group is set on the northern tip of the island. Its unique location will energise you as it’s the only branded hotel in the area. All rooms are spacious and feature a balcony, a fully stocked bar and a daily fruit basket.

6. Pongwe Beach Hotel USD168)

Pongwe Beach Hotel is a beach destination with white powdery sands, shady palm trees and turquoise waters. Their restaurant offers a variety of meals with fish and other seafood choices available. Their pubs stock both local and imported drinks, cocktails and juices.

7. Ocean Paradise Resort (USD76)

Built as a traditional African hut, but packed with all luxury amenities you could wish for, the Ocean Paradise Resort features over 90 suites that are set in 65 hectares of colourful and serene gardens which lead to a white sandy beach.

8. My Blue Hotel (USD169)

Located some 60km from Stone Town in Nungwi, My Blue Hotel is famous for its colourful sunsets and pristine beaches and is accessible through a mere 60-minute transfer by hotel shuttle from the airport. The service at the hotel is impressive, and the restaurant serves both Italian and international cuisine.

9. Warere Town House (USD50)

A former merchant house, Warere Town House was converted to an  hotel in 1983. It is now a family-owned establishment offering bed and breakfast. It features some en-suite rooms with air-conditioning and Wifi.

10. Al Minar (USD59)

Located in Stone Town, Hotel Al Minar is only a stone’s throw away from Hamammi Persian Baths and closer to Shangani beach.

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