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Luxury Honeymoon Suite at Kichanga Lodge, Zanzibar

If you’ve just celebrated your wedding nuptials in pomp, style and ceremony, then it must have been the most important single event and experience likely to remain embedded in your memory for the rest of your shared lives.

It then follows that your honeymoon destination should be one that not only cements the shared experience but also lays the foundation for a blissful and romantic marriage. And what better place to put a foundation stone for this experience than the luxury honeymoon suite at Kichanga Lodge, Zanzibar.

Your own large thatched roof, wooden windowed bungalow complete with private patio, deep cushioned chairs, hammock and canopied king size bed adorned with tropical blossom and scents, await you. You have one other partner at Kichanga, and that’s nature. It is nature that dictates the pace, becomes your timepiece for your stay.

With its friendly and uniquely private location, secluded accommodation and a pristine beach, all blended in a romantic setting, Kichanga Lodge is a big contender for one of the most luxurious honeymoon destinations in this part of the world.

Newly-weds will be swept off their feet by the beauty and romance inside the room giving them the chance to begin the rest of their lives together with memorable experiences.

Located 50 minutes from Stone Town, Kichanga Lodge is indeed a romantic spot that will make you fall in love and want to marry your partner once again.

There are reasons why the honeymoon suite at Kichanga Lodge is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world:

  • Love is never far away

Kichanga Lodge honeymoon suite and love are like a match made in heaven. Every spot you set foot in the lodge speaks of romance. On the beach,  the pool, under the starry nights, in the open spaces, Kichanga provides a good reason for newly married couples to enjoy its superior service. You and your loved one can take a stroll at night on the beachfront or even kiss unperturbed by prying eyes over a glass of wine at the beach bar.

  • The honeymoon suite provides newly-weds with a chance to get intimate with each other and their surroundings. No other place in Zanzibar can offer this intimate experience whilst communing with nature.
  • Newlyweds never tire of each other. And when you need a chance at the fresh sea air, both of you can stroll out or you can grab the many diversions available at the Lodge as there is always something new to do.
  • You can learn to scuba-dive with your new partner, dive in the turquoise Indian Ocean waters, tour the beautiful coral reefs by boat and learn how to snorkel. You can enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the surrounding waters together.

Romantic place to stay

You and your spouse can indulge in a spa treatment at the honeymoon suite. Without venturing out you can get luxury pampering to soothe your mind, soul and body.

You can also visit the renowned Rock Restaurant which is nearby. It is an ideal place for newlyweds to have some wonderful food plus you will really love the food and the ambience on offer.

Kichanga will make you fall in love and in the years to come you might revisit the lodge just to remind yourself how pleasant your honeymoon was.


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