Kite Surfing At Kichanga Lodge

Kite Surfing: the Beaches near Kichanga Lodge

Zanzibar is famous for many adventure activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving but not many know that it is also a leading kite surfing destination. Kite surfing as a sport has taken off recently and there are many people who love the sport. But they do not have many kite surfing spots that are great for the sport. Zanzibar has become one of the top kite surfing destinations because the weather and the wind and the waters are great here.

Paje beach which is near Kichanga Lodge is one of the top beaches for kite surfing. The waters around the beach are perfect for kite surfing and the wind is also perfect. There are other kite surfing destinations in and around Kichanga Lodge but Paje is considered to be the best and many kite surfing enthusiasts from around the world visit Zanzibar to surf at Paje beach. Not just Paje there are other beaches nearby that are considered to be good for kite surfing.

When you are in Zanzibar for kite surfing the best place to stay would be Kichanga Lodge. It is quite close to Paje and you can stay in rooms that are airy and have great views of the ocean. The Lodge is owned by the same owners who also own the nearby Dongwe Ocean View Hotel, you get panoramic views of the ocean there, as well as the Rock Restaurant, the restaurant that is most talked about in the world.

Apart from kite surfing there are many adventure activities that you can be a part of. If you feel like you can go for snorkelling. There are many snorkelling spots and you can go and snorkel to your heart’s content. You can view the wonderful corals and the marine life that abound here. If you are into scuba diving, then there are some wonderful spots for that too and if you are a beginner you can learn scuba diving too.

From Kichanga Lodge you can also go to Stone Town and take in the architecture and the culture of the place. The town is famous for its spices and you should take a spice tour when in Stone Town. The guides on the spice tour will take you around places where the spices are grown, they will let you know how it is harvested, they will also teach you how to use the spices in your food. At the end of the tour you will be treated to some sumptuous food that is made using the spices. You can also buy the spices for your return journey home.

Kichanga Lodge is proud of its culture and the owners of the Lodge have created a foundation known as the Kichanga Foundation. A part of the proceeds from the Kichanga Lodge is given to the Kichanga Foundation so that they can take care of the locals in the island. The local population needs to be cared for and the Kichanga Foundation ensures that.