Zanzibar Island

Top 5 Stunning Locations Of Zanzibar

Africa is the stuff of a dream holiday. And Zanzibar is no exception. It has all the makings of a great time- expansive stretches of pristine sands, gorgeous waters, a rich and varied marine life, vast opportunities to swim, snorkel, fish and dive, beautiful lush natural beauty, interesting animals, a vibrant and ancient culture and people. There are many places worth visiting in Zanzibar. Of them, here are the top 5.

  1. Stone Town- when you visit this ancient space, you will feel like you’re stepping back in time. Stone Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it’s not hard to see why. Winding labyrinths, luxurious Persian baths, the grand House of Wonders, the pioneering building with the first electrical light fittings in the island, the Forodhani Gardens and its teeming night market, Peace Memorial Museum, and the Makusurani graveyard where many of Zanzibar’s rulers lay interred. Stone Town is filled with shops that sell everything from souvenirs to spices. There’s a lot to see and like here.

  2. Jozani Forest- if you need a place to rest weary eyes, the Forest is what you’re looking for. The last of the indigenous forest on the island, this place is a mangrove swamp forest thanks to its location- Chwaka Bay is prone to flooding. This makes it perfect for all the lush and rich vegetation you’ll see here. Ferns, trees and animals all make for a unique experience. Jozani is home to 50 species of butterflies, 40 species of birds and the Zanzibar red colobus monkey. The last is a special sight that people travel far to see. There are very few of them left in the wild and their protection is imperative. The nature trail is a perfect place to walk on and take in the sights and sounds of the Forest.

  3. Underwater- the coastline gives you a unique opportunity to explore a teeming marine life. Indeed, one of the best locations of Zanzibar is undoubtedly underwater. Zanzibar takes great pride in their marine parks and a visitor can spot many creatures from the moray eel to the octopus and dolphin. Spend your time swimming, diving and snorkeling. Even if you’re not underwater, the sights above are no less pleasing. To experience them, take a cruise on the traditional boat called the dhow and spend time on the water. Maybe you’d like to visit one of the smaller islands there too.

  4. Pemba- at a short distance away from Zanzibar is the island of Pemba. If you want to see the flying fox, an endangered avian species, you need to get to the island first. Here, the Kidike root site holds all the secrets of the bat. If the bats get too much, look for the vervet monkeys and the Mozambique cobra.

  5. The Rock- the Rock is a restaurant situated on a rock. During low tide you can walk to this unique place. During high tide you’ll need a boat. Sip your drink, enjoy your food in this stunning location- surrounded by water, served by warm and hospitable people. The menu is eclectic, international and delicious.