Zanzibar Nightlife Guide

Zanzibar Nightlife Guide – Best Places for Nightlife Activities

Zanzibar is well-known for its picturesque beaches, stunning landscapes, and crazy adventure activities, but most people don’t know what happens on the island when the sun goes down.

The charming island features a bundle of adventures during the day but when the sun sets, the night activities begin with a vibrant sundowner tradition. It’s a great place to witness an incredible atmosphere of wining, dining, and dancing from the evening till the early hours of the morning.

If you are a night owl seeking an adventure in Zanzibar, here are some of the best places for nightlife activities.

Garage Club
If you love dancing, Garage Club has an eclectic disco house where Afro-European pop and hip-hop reggae play throughout the weekend nights. It is a popular nightclub in the ancient Stone Town, where you can dance, drink and have some fun. This is the best place to see a Zanzibari in the wild, and no matter what night you visit, you’ll be guaranteed a great time here.

Kendwa Rocks
Get loose in Kendwa Rocks where the night is celebrated with a variety of unforgettable activities.   The Full Moon Party is better experienced than imagined on Saturday nights – usually near or during the famous full moon celebration.  The party is hosted on the white sand along the beach, where you dance until sunrise.  It’s undoubtedly the coolest place to party in Zanzibar – a party mecca with beautiful ocean views.

Red Monkey Lodge
Come to Jambiani and enjoy the weekly Monday Blues at the Red Monkey Lodge. This bar is hit with visitors who are looking for a place to experience beach party or disco.  The beautiful lodge’s bar transforms into an amazing nightlife scene, and it does it right every night. If you are looking for a beautiful evening in a dynamic venue full of energy with a wide range of entertainment options, the Red Monkey may just be the nightlife destination for you!

Dharma Lounge
The Dharma Lounge is located close to the State University of Zanzibar, attracting night owls and students to the club.  There is no end to blaring music and dancing on the spacious dance floor that begins in the night and ends in the wee hours of the next day. Party the night away in a magical island atmosphere and mingle with friendly faces.

The Beach Bar
Nightlife is great at Paje with numerous places to unwind like the Beach Bar.  You hand out with friends and even make new friends at theme parties such as the Bubble Bath Jacuzzi and Glow in the Dark parties. The beer is cold, and the dancing is endless, making it an ideal nightlife spot for you.

Cholo’s Disco Bar
Cholo’s Disco Bar is located on Nungwi Beach,  attracting the locals and visitors who want great dancing, cool drinks, and amazing music while the in a cool and breezy atmosphere.  It is a pleasant place for those who cannot get enough of dancing. It’s a down-to-earth nightlife spot welcoming to new and first-timers.

Gerry’s Bar
Gerry’s Bar (where is Gerry’s bar?)is remarkable for its laid back atmosphere and ideal environment for romance. You will love the food and will be mesmerised by its many night activities. Watch the sunset or spend your night staring at the sky with great drinks.

Africa House
Africa House is a famous spot in Stone Town. The cheap beers and relatively affordable meals will interest the budget or light traveller.  Even though reggae is the people’s choice in Zanzibar, there is a variety of genres of music you can dance to in the house. The patio is famed as a sundowners venue, with guests watching the sun dip below the horizon and hoping to be one of the lucky few to witness the elusive ‘green flash’, and make a wish.