Night Market in Zanzibar

Night Market in Zanzibar

Zanzibar has a lot to offer. Its night market is one of its charms.To enjoy the market, get to historic Stone Town. Spend a few hours there, exploring the labyrinths, the baths and the town. Work up a great appetite and then head down to the night market. The market takes place in the Forodhani Gardens and it is a space to truly understand the country and its culture. The night market is all about atmosphere and all about food. It’s vibrant, redolent with the cultures and the people who have made the country their home and is a happy place for everyone to visit.

The night market is a haunt for the locals – families and children come here, as do the tourists and visitors.The chefs put on a show and the result is not only delicious food, but a truly unique experience.Here, you’ll be greeted with sights, smells and sounds that will send all your emotions and senses into overload. A wide variety of food is on display. Enjoy the unusual Zanzibari pizza – an interesting take on the regular pizza, this one can be compared to a pancake and comes with any number of toppings. Top it off
with kebabs, buy some meat sticks and you’re good to go. Or get the sweet Nutella one and indulge your sweet tooth.

You must try the Urojo – a soup that’s made of tamarind and mango. It goes so well with chutney, spicy hot sauce, chickpea fritters, cassava shards and boiled potatoes. This is a dish that hits all the right spots.Zanzibar is known for its seafood and you should try out the lobster, the octopus and the fish – every single dish has something special to offer.There is a lot of talk online about the freshness of the fish on offer. This is something to think about, so please exercise caution. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t eat it!

Another dish to try is the Zanzibar Mix, a soup but more than a soup. It is a broth but comes with a whole lot more. You can choose your fritters, or maybe vegetables like potato, cassava or lettuce, some shredded coconut and tangy green mango. All this goes at the bottom of the bowl and is redolent with turmeric. It’s all topped up with a delicious broth. The coconut bread is wonderful to eat, sweet and delicious. Try also the grilled version of the sweet potatoes and the spicy bananas.Drinks are a plenty too. We suggest that you carry bottled water with you but do try the sugarcane juice- it’s refreshing and delicious. Try it with lime and chili. The local beers are great too- try the Kilimanjaro! Masala chai, spicy tea and best served sweetened with sugar, is a good accompaniment to the massive samosa and the other snacks.

If you stay at Kichanga Lodge, one of the luxury hotels in Zanzibar on the beach, you’re only 40 minutes away from Stone Town. You can do a trip there each night if you’d like! It’s that convenient. After a night of great indulgence, let any one of the beautifully appointed bungalows or Villas at the Lodge serve as a place of relaxation and recuperation.