Stay Healthy on Your Travels

How to Stay Healthy on Your Travels

While travelling is pleasurable, it can take a toll on the system. Being away from the kind of food and water you’re used to, your kitchen and its familiar utensils, being immersed in new elements can be a bit worrisome sometimes. From a bad tummy to fever and even insect bites, a traveler can face any number of issues.

Here’s how to stay healthy on your travels.

1. Water- make sure you carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go. Water is easily contaminated and carries a lot of diseases. Or it may not be available during your Zanzibar vacation if you’ve combined it with a safari. Carry water from your resort, or packaged water wherever you go. If water isn’t available, a packaged drink from a trusted brand will do well too. Or hot beverages like coffee, tea or lemon tea.

2. Hot, cooked food- as a rule of the thumb, make sure you eat food that’s hot, cooked fresh. Stay away from salads and unwashed fruit unless prepared in a hotel or private establishment kitchen.Choose cooked vegetables over meat, for sure. It makes for better meals too. But make sure the stuff is cooked well.

3. Get enough rest- while you may want to do a lot on the trip, make sure that you give your system enough time to recuperate from the travels. A good place to do it is during your travels, catch some sleep on the way to the sites you’re going to. Let your body feel stronger so that it can take on more exciting adventures.

4. Sanitizer and sun block- sanitizer and wet wipes can help you out in a crunch situation. Carry them and use them to prevent germs and bacteria from getting to you. Apply sunscreen whenever you step out. It will help keep you safe too.

5. Carry your medicines with you- whether you take regular medicine or not, carry a medical kit with you at all times. It should have your preferred medication for a host of ailments- fever, cold and cough, stomach issues, pain, etc. It will make sense to carry a kit on your Zanzibar and safari travel because distances are plenty and you may not always be able to stop for medicines along the way.

6. Let nature heal you- Zanzibar has so much to offer the traveller. It’s beauty lies in the wide range of nature on offer. If you’re looking for beach accommodation Zanzibar, may we suggest the luxurious and lovely Kichanga Lodge. Views of the Indian ocean, and beautiful, natural gardens on this resort will do more than give you a fabulous holiday. It will heal you in ways you didn’t know
that you needed. This is the epitome of the slow holiday with a focus on locally sourced materials, harmony between living space and environment and a need to make the traveler feel at home. The best thing about the country is how an experience there can be exactly what you need in order to be for the real world.