Best Of Zanzibar -Unguja

Best of Zanzibar: What to do, top beaches and more

Located in the Indian Ocean, the Zanzibar archipelago is a collection of beautiful islands. The main island is Zanzibar Island (formally known as Unguja) – it’s close to 650 square miles of beautiful sands, lovely coral reefs and the truly unique Stone Town. It’s an ancient town but is still fully functioning. The other best known islands are Pemba and Mafia.There’s a lot to do in Zanzibar. The wildlife may not have the large animals we normally associate with the continent, but it does have antelopes, monkeys and the highly elusive civet cat. From butterflies to birds,the country has a lot to offer the nature enthusiast.It makes sense that when you have such a beautiful waters, marine tourism is a popular option for travelers. In fact, the country has made marine tourism a priority and has established parks for the same.

Here, you can swim, dive or snorkel. You can also see the eel, the dolphin, whale shark and the lobster. If you want to be close to the water but not in it, do take a cruise in a dhow. Maybe you’d like to spend time in one of the smaller islands. Or just take a walk along the beach, dip your toes in the gorgeous waters and indulge in some food and drink.Do make a trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Stone Town. The labyrinths, and Persian baths are exciting and afford hours of exploration and fun. Changu Island is a short trip from here and ideal for a short expedition.Jozani forest and the endemic Red Colobus monkey, the jungles and plants make for a fun and adventurous tour. Visit the price plantations and farms, learn about and understand why the islands are known as the spice islands.Zanzibar’s beaches are amongst the finest in the world. Whether it’s miles of fine white sand, tidal pools with reefs to explore, or those smaller, palm shaded and rock surrounded hide-aways, there is a beach for every taste.There are many options for accommodation in Zanzibar. Depending on what you’d like to experience, you are sure to find a hotel that suits you. If you’re a young couple who wants to holiday, there are so many choices for you. Honeymoon hotels in Zanzibar are a- plenty but none of them come close to the honeymoon suite at the Kichanga Lodge.

This private lodge is situated on the South-eastern coastline of the country; easily one of the most gorgeous stretches on land and sea in Zanzibar. While all the rooms are lovely, the Honeymoon Suite is especially beautiful. It’s set atop two bungalows and comes with a private entrance and a terrace with a view. The stone shower is perfect for intimate relaxation and the suite is luxuriously appointed. A king-size bed, an ocean view and the unique decorative sensibility of the Kichanga Lodge all make it a perfect getaway. Kichanga believes in giving back to the community. It hires local talent and uses indigenous products and materials in its furniture and fixtures. The fabric is woven locally, the wood is also locally sourced. Everything is in harmony at the Lodge.
For best beach hotels in Zanzibar, all you need to do is to change cottages. That’s right, Kichanga is ideal for a perfect beach vacation. From family vacation villas to individual bungalows, you can enjoy all that the country has to offer. Choose from any of the 11 Ocean view bungalows that dot the hillside. Sit on the verandah and enjoy the colors of the setting sun. Enjoy all that Zanzibar has to offer in the award winning hotel property of Kichanga Lodge.