Unique Rock Restaurant Zanzibar

The Unique Rock Restaurant of Zanzibar

A restaurant, on its own island, known worldwide. And food as good as the location.

The Zanzibar Island’s culinary scene has grown rapidly, with an impressive array of restaurants on the high and low ends of the budgetary scale. Perhaps more than any other restaurant on the island, the Rock restaurant prides itself on its extraordinary location and culinary culture. The world-famous restaurant is well-known for its excellent food menu, which is inspired by the natural resources, and their love for Italy and Zanzibar.


A group of partners founded the Rock restaurant in July 2010. Originally a fisherman’s post, It has become one of one of the most picturesque highlights of the island.  The Rock restaurant is uniquely situated on a rock in the centre of the Indian Ocean, in front of Michanwi Pingwe beach on the south-east coastline of Zanzibar. The south-east coastline is one of the most beautiful in the world, and the restaurant is one of the three best-kept secrets on the coastline along with the Kichanga Lodge and its sibling Dongwe Ocean View Hotel.

It’s an exclusive restaurant that takes advantage of its topographical location to capitalize on its viewing potential for the customers. You can enjoy the magnificent 270-degree ocean view or the stunning view of  the pristine beach with swaying palms – from within and outside the restaurant.

The Restaurant & its Menu

The Rock restaurant is an excellent choice for tourists who list food as one of their priorities while exploring the island. Its coastal location means the Chefs and cooks have access to abundant and first-class fresh local produce with which to practice their trade. The team at the restaurant create and present a great menu, delivered with excellent service to complement its sea setting. They combine local spices and flavours of Zanzibar, and food from the sea to create standard delicacies with a twist and local taste. The meals served are reasonably priced given the degree of class and the quality in general, with which the meals are prepared.

The legendary Rock restaurant offers its own unique ambiance with a simple local-inspired décor and style. It features 12 tables, and each table faces the amazing view of the coast and the ocean. There’s a beautiful terrace in the restaurant, where you can enjoy a welcome drink during the day or enjoy a romantic evening with your loved one under the African sky.

Seafood served at the Rock is renowned for its freshness, with a wide range of fish varieties to choose such as grilled lobsters, octopus, calamari, crab, squid and prawns.  Seafood varieties are served with non-seafood sides and mains including Tagliolini and Spaghetti. The dessert menu is worth mentioning – the Rock Coconut Tiramisu, Pineapple Flambe with vanilla ice cream, and Chocolate Salami served with coffee cream.  The amazingly thorough wine list and cocktail varieties are not to be missed.

How to get there

When making your reservation on their website (http://www.therockrestaurantzanzibar.com/) book your transfer from anywhere on the island.
Once at the beach, you can reach the restaurant by boat with the high tide or on foot with low tide. The boat services are offered by the restaurant.