Kichanga Lodge-A place to spend romantic time

Kichanga Lodge – A Place to Spend Private Romantic Time in Zanzibar

With spectacular scenic views, white sand beach, magnificent skylines at the end of vast oceans, and exotic hideaways, Zanzibar is a perfect destination for romantic getaways. If you’re looking for a place to spend private romantic time on the island, an ideal destination is Kichanga Lodge.

At Kichanga, time is plentiful. The pace is dictated by nature; gentle, relaxing and smoothe.

Located in the beautiful Michamvi on the South-Eastern coastline of the island, it is a private resort created just for two people in love. With the beautiful beaches on Michamvi Peninsula, the balmy ocean breezes and dazzling waters, comfortable accommodation and excellent facilities, Kichanga Lodge captures the true essence of romance, and lets you experience a relationship with nature – this is difficult to find anywhere else. It’s a picture-perfect destination for a romantic occasion – wedding, honeymoon, engagement or anniversary.


The lodge features charming, large, airy bungalows with stunning ocean views, nestled on a beautiful hillside by the ocean. Well equipped, with king size 4-poster beds, private patios with hammock and seating, the bungalows are specially designed for romance and offer a perfect mix of relaxation and privacy. Your romantic dreams can come true with a selection of luxury rooms made only for intimacy.

You’ll also find spacious and private villas suitable for honeymooners looking for home-away-from-home experiences. The two-story cottages offer stunning ocean views from the lower and upper balconies and are well-equipped with modern facilities.

The honeymoon suite is specially created for the newlyweds, looking for a secluded and private place for relaxation and romance. The suite is set atop two of the ocean view bungalows with a private entrance and secluded terrace overlooking the ocean.  

Romantic Activities

There’s nothing as amazing as sharing unique experiences to amplify the romance of your life and create unforgettable memories. Relax on the pristine, private beach and let the warmth of the island fill your senses. However, Kichanga Lodge offers more than serene beaches and warm dazzling waters.  You can indulge in activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing, boating, swimming and experiences to rejuvenate and revitalize you – only a few minutes away.

For couples who are hopelessly romantic, you will find a variety of things to do with intimate experiences. The pool at Kichanga Lodge is built for relaxation and romance; you can enjoy a swim with your loved one or just relax on the Zanzibari sunbed with a tasty cocktail while you enjoy the ocean view.

Enjoy a romantic picnic in a secluded spot, an intimate setting for the two of you. Another exciting and romantic activity is to indulge in a spa treatment for two at the quaint Makuti hut set above the white sand, enjoy a massage and Zanzibari pampering to soothe your body, soul and mind.

Go for a stroll on the beach as the dusk hangs, or take a romantic dhow cruise and get an authentic insight into the Zanzibari culture. Don’t miss a romantic candlelight dinner by the beach with your loved one as you admire the spectacular views of the ocean. You can also enjoy a sunset dining from the privacy of your terrace overlooking the gorgeous views of the surrounds.