Romantic Zanzibar - Best honeymoon destination in the world

Romantic Zanzibar: Best Honeymoon Destination in the World

Your wedding will have been the most important shared experience and memory signalling a new chapter in your lives.Your honeymoon destination should be one that builds on the shared experience, a destination which in itself has what is needed to create lasting memories.

With it’s unique and friendly Swahili Culture, endless stretches of pristine beaches and secluded accommodation in a relaxed and romantic setting, Zanzibar is a big contender for one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. Newlyweds are swept off their feet by the romance and beauty of the island. It offers them an opportunity to begin the rest of their lives together with memorable experiences.

Situated on the East African coast, adjacent to Tanzania, Zanzibar is truly a romantic island that makes you fall in love with your loved one over and over again. The island features a blissful collection of things to do and places to go for unforgettable and intimate escapes.

If you’re starry-eyed romantics and you’re planning your honeymoon, here are reasons why Zanzibar is the best honeymoon destination in the world:

Romance is never far away

Romantic Beach Dinner zanzibar accommodations deals

Romance and Zanzibar are match-made in heaven! Everywhere you go speaks romance – on the beach, underneath the dazzling star-filled skies, in a magnificent forest concourse, on a dhow cruise, and even on the streets of Stone Town – the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The island provides a good reason for newlyweds to enjoy exclusive treats, plus the beachfront resorts and hotels in different parts of the island will pamper you with romantic surprises. You and your loved one can take a stroll together on the magnificent beaches while you hold hands or even steal a kiss over a glass of tasty and colorful cocktail at a beach bar.

There’s always something new to do

Zanzibar provides newlyweds a chance to do something they have never done before – and together. Learn to scuba dive with your new spouse. Warm waters, great visibility and very safe,  Zanzibar beaches boasts beautiful coral reefs and a wide range of marine species. Discovering them together is a beautiful experience you will never forget.

couple snorkelling zanzibar zanzibar accommodations deals

Visit Prison Island, which is located just a 30-minute boat ride from Zanzibar. The island is well-known for its giant tortoises, you should go see them. You can also explore the island, learn more about the history of Zanzibar and finish your tour by snorkeling on the corals surrounding the island. Go sailing together and explore the pristine coastline of the island with its plentiful marine life.

Enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the island together – the white sand beaches as far as you can see them, and the lush surrounding. Go on a sightseeing adventure in Stone Town; learn more about the island, its heritage, and diverse cultures, wander through the streets and shop for souvenirs.

The island offers a wide range of fun activities to enjoy such as fishing, dhow sailing, kite surfing, swimming and many others.

Romantic places to stay

After a romantic day on the island, you can enjoy fine romancing in boutique-style beachfront accommodation. A suitable honeymoon getaway should be close to the ocean with stunning landscapes and resplendent with modern amenities for a comfortable and cosy stay. A place where you can enjoy a romantic sunset dinner with your spouse or have a private dinner on the beach with your feet buried in the sand while you enjoy the stunning views of the ocean.  You should also consider a luxury oceanfront accommodation with Zanzibari style and service that will create a romantic mood for a unique honeymoon experience.

Both of you can also indulge in a spa treatment; choose a luxury pampering to soothe your soul, mind, and body. Steal away a moment of intimate togetherness amid the serenity of a private pool in your hotel to get you out of the heat, while enjoying a glass of colourful cocktails. With enough privacy, you can slip off the bathing suits and enjoy skinny-dip together to ignite romance.

Zanzibar provides honeymooners a chance to experience an intimacy with themselves and their surrounding – this is hard to find somewhere else. You and your spouse will definitely fall in love with each other, Zanzibar, its culture and the people.