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Sizzling Zanzibar: Why Zanzibar is Tempting in the Summers

Even though Zanzibar casts a spell on everyone all through the year, the destination is a perfect spot to relax and rejuvenate during the summer. The island is surrounded by pristine beaches with crystal-clear azure waters, stunning attractions, and fun activities. Zanzibar Town is the capital of Zanzibar, and the town’s old, bustling centre its spiritual heart. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site Stone Town has retained its original features, with labyrinthine streets and maze of stone houses with an eclectic mix of historic architecture and world famous doors.

Deserted beaches are one of the major attractions that bring visitors to its reef and clear warm waters. During the summer, Zanzibar is sizzling and leaving nothing to be imagined with its tropical surroundings.

Tropical in climate, with hot days and lazy, long warm evenings signaled by the slowly setting sun and the arrival of dusk, makes packing for Zanzibar a breeze. Flip-flops, hat, sunscreen, skirt/shorts, T-shirt, sunglasses, swimsuit and a wrap or kikoi are the basics. A second swimsuit, optional!

The Beaches

Have you been dreaming about a barefoot holiday in Africa? Or you’re thinking about a romantic stroll along the seashores. Thinking of spending your summer holiday at a beach destination, where you can launch a kayak into the waters or enjoy some snorkeling activities amid the sea turtles and fishes? Or perhaps your idea of summer holiday is spending a secluded time with your loved one relaxing and sipping a cocktail by the pool while staring at the ocean. Whatever you’re looking for in a summer holiday, Zanzibar has it all.

The tranquil Zanzibar Archipelago features two large islands and many small islands, and each of them is surrounded by the crystal-clear azure water. Nungwi beach located in the northern part of the main island (formally it is called Unguja, colloquially referred to as Zanzibar) features hotels perched on the coral cliffs and it’s a buzzing place to stay during the summer holiday. Kendwa beach is located on the western side of the island and features several scenic beaches with white sands and azure waters. You can head to the Kendwa Beach if you are the sociable type and you love playing football or beach volleyball. Lodges around the Nungwi Beach boasts of bleached sands and azure waters.  Paje Beach, Kiwengwa Beach and Bwejuu Beach are other beach areas you can visit to enjoy kite surfing, snorkeling, diving, horse-riding, and golfing. The beaches have a nostalgic sensation, and visitors feel as though they have been transported back in time to wonderland.


The Archipelago has some of the best beaches in Africa and they come with a wide range of interesting attractions and fun activities that will make your holiday unforgettable.  The islands feature an array of beachfront resorts and hotels with modern luxury for comfort and relaxation.

There is never a dull moment in the summer; the sunsets on the beachfront resorts are unimaginable, bringing romance and serenity together. Families are reunited during the holidays with several great activities and fun for the kids while the parents get to spend quality time alone. Thus, whether you are seeking a luxury accommodation during the summer, a private place to enjoy your solitude or looking for a luxury place to unwind, the beach resorts, hotels and lodges in Zanzibar are in abundance.

Fun Activities

Zanzibar is perfect for summer holidays with a wide range of world-class activities including snorkeling, scuba diving, and water-skiing, sailing on the local dhows, deep sea fishing, and kayaking. Along the beach shores, you can enjoy windsurfing, beach tennis, and volleyball. You can also go sightseeing in Stone Town, explore the markets and have a taste of the local foods.

Most visitors prefer to stay at beachfront hotels during the summer holiday because it provides them with more time to do a lot of things around the beaches without worrying about hurrying back to their hotel rooms.The summer nights are memorable with exciting activities, and exotic dishes are served in some of the island’s restaurants.