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    Zanzibar Resort - Accommodations

    Restaurants and Seafood

    Zanzibar hosts world-class restaurants and a wide variety of the freshest seafood available. One restaurant, in particular, stands out from the rest, literally, and it is The Rock restaurant, 10 minutes North of Paje on the Michamvi Peninsula. This 5-star restaurant is located in the ocean on a rock outcropping, surrounded solely by turquoise water and the distant horizon. This is simply a dining experience unlike any other, and comes highly recommended

    For more information on tourist attractions, marine activities, and life on the island, feel free to speak to any of our staff members at the Reception desk.

    Stone Town

    Stone Town is the island’s most populated area, where you can enjoy winding through romantic alleyways, taking a spice tour, viewing ancient forts, or visiting the famous “Night Market” where local vendors offer fresh, unique seafood dishes at a local price. The Northern-most beaches, including Kendwa and Nungwi, offer sparkling white sand and turquoise waters, as well as a fun nightlife scene full of dancing and live music almost any night of the week during the high season. The quieter, East coast of the island hosts ample opportunities for recreation including kite surfing, snorkeling, and jungle treks, as well as provides the perfect venue for secluded beach walks and star gazing.

    Spice Island

    Life on the “Spice Island” embodies the characteristic East African phrase of “pole pole”, meaning “slowly”. The tropical breeze, marine life, and welcoming, relaxed vibes from the local people, create a perfect destination for the ultimate beach vacation. Zanzibar, with its rich cultural heritage, intricate Islamic architecture, wild spices, vibrant fabrics, and stunning coastlines, is an essential destination for the curious world traveler.

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