Kite Surfing

Kitesurfing Arrangement And Transfer

Kite surf in Paje is becoming a number one world destination. The wind is constant during June , July , August and September and Mid December , January and February.

For who is a fanatic Kite Surfer to stay in Paje is probably the best choice for you riding your kite , but for who wants to enjoy even the beach and swim in the sea we would say that Paje is not the best place were to be because of all the Kites running around , courses of beginners on the beach with Kites falling down , not the best place if you want to even relax.

If you want to enjoy both the beach and the kite we recommend to stay in Kichanga Lodge 15 minutes drive from Paje. You can enjoy the beach , the sea and relax as much as you want and at the same time very easy you can go and ride your Kite .

We have a special agreement with KiteCenter of Zanzibar , the first Kite center that started the place in Paje 7 years ago, very well equipped with North Kites and all the staff is very professional and friendly.

Please look at the rate sheet so you can understand the costs and our agreement for transfers to go to Paje. 
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