The Southeastern coastline of Zanzibar is recognised as amongst the most beautiful on this idyllic island. Here you’ll find 3 gems: Kichanga Lodge, Dongwe Ocean View and our world famous The Rock restaurant, Zanzibar.

Kichanga Lodge

Kichanga Lodge sits amongst gently swaying palms in beautiful Michamvi on the Southeastern coastline of Zanzibar Island.

Kichanga is all about the island’s soul, it’s flow. Pace is dictated by nature, it’s where tourists realise they’re travelers.

They feel the rhythm, and connect with themselves. Kichanga’s style is shaped by its environment and is augmented by décor that helps the mind to wander. Each piece, and picture tells a story. What’s yours?

This private resort hosts guests in charming, thatch, wood framed windowed airy bungalows with unparalleled views from your private hammock of the blue, sometimes turquoise and green waters of the Indian Ocean.  Everything nestled within a stunning hillside. Kichanga not only offers the perfect, and we mean perfect combination of romance and relaxation, but the option for privacy, or to get involved.

When the need for activity and action calls, guests can choose from several lively beach and water activities: beach volley-ball, kite surfing, scuba diving.

With prices set to follow the island’s seasons, we’ve the right price for you. As we said, it’s all dictated by nature. Our guests struggle to leave, as do we when it’s time for them to go.

Discover Kichanga

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Mid-way between Kichanga Lodge and Dongwe Ocean View, a mere 5 min, lies The Rock of Zanzibar. One of the world’s iconic restaurants, attracting travellers from around the globe.
Depending on the tide, wade out, walk out, or let us pole you there in the boat. Known for its exceptional food and idyllic location. Featured in magazines worldwide.

zanzibar resort vacations

On Zanzibar’s most beautiful beach with panoramic views. Sun and service. Get away from it all. Modern, luxurious and stylish comforts for a great, private escape.

Our Rooms

Kichanga Lodge: Seasonal deals: As nature would have it.

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